LAUD Electronic Design AS is a research, development and design company within electronics

LAUD Electronic Design AS was founded in June 1999 by Audio Design AS in Larvik and the owner
of Lynghaug Electronic Design in Arendal. LAUD Electronic Design AS is a research, development
and design company within electronics. We do both contract development and design products of our own.

The engineers at LAUD have many years experience in design of analogue- and digital electronics in general,
and specifically in products for broadcast quality video and audio. The products are among others digital and
analogue routing switchers for several formats of audio and video, distribution amplifiers for the same formats,
and A-to-D/D-to-A converters/ encoders/ decoders. Our main advantage is designing compact and cost-effective
products, where we cover all areas of the design ourselves: hardware design, board layout, firmware and
mechanics/housing. We also have the ability to do this in a short time, thus reducing the time-to-market.


We at LAUD have extensive knowledge and skills in the following areas:


In addition we have good knowledge and also out-of-house contacts for:


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a product that we might help you with. We are open to several possible models of business. This could be pure contract development, some sort of joint operation/business, or we could supply the ready manufactured products.

Laud Electronic Design AS har i samarbeid med Audio Design AS utviklet produkter for Laud Medis AS.

Her er Laud Medias offisielle internettside:

LAUD Electronic Design er et norsk designfirma med avdelinger i Larvik og Arendal.
Vi har spesialisert oss på design av lyd og video produkter til bruk i studio og kringkasting.

Org. Nr: 980 955 966

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